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“Crucita”- during our interview recalls her arrival to Fairfield, Oregon.  Mr. Kessler was the person who opened the cabin for us “No water, no electricity no nothing” there were openings for windows but no glass just wooden doors for cover; otherwise just shutters.  “To have light in the room we would have to open the wood shutters and mosquitos and flies would come in.  We adjusted as much as we could; recalls Crucita.  “Just imagine I was a 15 year old girl traveling in a truck with almost twenty people in the truck-bed. “We were packed like sardines.”  She recalls having bad moments in the journey, but also good times while traveling and essentially landing in this little place called Fairfield, Oregon which you need to be alert as you drive to see some of the remnants of a special place in HISTORY!




COMPAÑERAS ESPECIALES-Crucita Robles García y Bene Salinas  primas y Pioneras vivieron en Fairfield, St. Paul y Woodburn Oregón.  Both from a large family.  Crucita hija de Manuel y Aislada García y Bene hija de Resalió y Dominga Salinas todos del gran pueblo Asherton-Ashinto-Cheto, Tejas que se encuentra una hora de la fronteras de Eagle Pass, Texas y Piedras Negras Cohauila.




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